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Rhythm Beneath

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Movement & Drums

Life-Changing Movement Coaching



Dancing can be lots of fun, but the essence of the movement can really be a healing tool for those suffering from mental and physical issues. Rhythm Beneath offers movement coaching that promotes a healthy mind and body through concentrated movement. We play all types of music during classes, and we also bring in drummers to provide additional live music performances.

Move and Heal

We utilize Middle Eastern movements to teach awareness in a neuromuscular sense. Additionally, we incorporate Bellet™ bar and integrate undulation techniques into classes to offer effective relief for physical problems. This is known as multilevel movement and expression while also storytelling. In this type of movement coaching, you learn the aesthetics and mannerisms of Arabian Expression through slow motion and integration of yoga and Pilates, stretching storytelling, breathing and posture exercises, and weight-bearing and balance. A main focus of our instruction is providing you with cognitive and spiritual awareness so that you transition from having an emotional mind to a wise mind.

One or More

Making sure that you're comfortable during a movement session is important. As such, we provide a private setting for one-on-one coaching. Group sessions are also available if you think you'd have more fun moving with others. Each session lasts around 1 1/2 hours and includes warmups, demonstrations and class times, warm downs, and Q&A at the end.

A Different Beat

Playing music can also be therapeutic. As such, a portion of our sessions is dedicated to drum lessons for those interested in learning to play different drums. We teach the drum known as the Doumbek, a cylinder Arabian hand drum, in a class setting. Expand your skill with a variety of percussion instruments by learning to play the zill, frame drum, and tambourine.

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Better Physical Health with Movement Coaching


Overall wellness requires a healthy mind and body. Improve your physical condition with movement coaching from Rhythm Beneath. We use science-based methods of movement to achieve results on the cellular level. The techniques we teach are designed to affect mitochondria, which is the part of cells that generate energy.

Mind and Body

We provide sessions dedicated to breathing techniques, reflexology, and handology, and we incorporate storytelling into the training. Additionally, we offer Pilates, yoga lessons, pumping vale, and other physicality techniques to release stress and boost energy levels in your body. Online sessions last 45 minutes and may go up to 1 1/2 hours.

Group Coaching in Session

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